My musical share this evening is one from a good friend. It's his latest works and in pre order status at the moment. I've been given the honor to preview his work. It's an outstanding musical masterpiece and his best work thus far. A certainty for being on my list of top picks for the year. 
Ade Crouch lives in North West England and within his modest music studio, "Wonderland", he exorcises his musical talents and crafts his artistry. This was not something that he spent his life in pursuit of. It was much later, throwing himself into the technology that might help make him a self reliant electronic composer. Then... a few years of practice... a great love and respect for his musical influences and,,, yes, here it is. By the "sounds" of it, one of the better, new releases, out now. 

Being so very partial to Namaste and Awakenings, I have to be careful not to take away form the other tracks which are equally as beautifully done. Each is powerful and unique unto themselves and yet hold hands with one another as if six friends were skipping up an open hillside just to see what's awaiting on the other side. Ade pays homage to many of his influences and does so by inviting a couple or so to place a bit of themselves in the fabric of what is being played. 

Future, the title track, is my pet favorite as it takes me back in time to where I feel that youthful agility in spirit, one where the heaviness of the world does not dictate my actions. These are happy thoughts brought forth by the whimsical swaying of the movements that Ade creates for us. I do take note that the song entitled "Future" takes me backward in time. I'd be willing to bet that this upbeat persuasion must be how Ade see the future. Either way, by the time I reach this track listing, I find myself very much at peace and with ease of spirit. Ade does his job very well with this album. 

Seems fitting that the final track has me looking forward to discovering a future yet defined. "Future" by Ade Crouch, encompasses a whole eclectic musical grouping of songs. Sounds which gently take your thoughts and tosses them about as one might see with a leaf that's been caught up with a light breeze. It's refreshing. 

I love Ade's new album and look forward to see how well it does. Pre and order, two words that sound like success.

Jeff Sloane

I've been negligent on commenting on your music, but want you to know I think it's some of the finest around. There are Grammy people everywhere and those that perform globally and win contests, but truly my friend, your music is a cut above and on another level. You're a true artist, gifted with the ability to tune into something beyond and create it and bring it forth in such a beautiful and perfect way. Thank you Ade for being on this planet and making music. I'm honored to be here and to listen and to enjoy.? ??✌️??? ???

Lia Shapiro

Reflections. Limited Edition CD

A little afternoon tea with the music of Ade Crouch. Just released, is his new album, "Reflections". Only 50 copies were placed onto a CD format and I was fortunate enough to receive a copy. Ade is a fine composer and an outstanding professional. He wrote to follow up, just to see if I had received mine and if in good shape. This almost never happens. I'm fortunate to be able to call Ade a friend and now have his music to play as the soft breezes brush by and while having a moment of "Reflection".

Jeff Sloane

Reflections. Limited Edition CD

'Reflections'...a collection of original pieces by my great friend Ade Crouch. Captivating, relaxing music which we play in the tranquil setting of the tiny island that Rachel and I call home. Check out and give Ade's work a is a fantastic accompaniment to the summer shenanigans...other seasons of the year are also available; as are pieces of Ade's music!

Dr Robert Smith


It's an intellectually stimulating album and yet relaxing just the same. A layered massage for the emotional soul. I can sense the long thoughts that must have accompanied it's creation. My mind feels adrift as one might feel if one were plant life in the deep ocean currant.

Jeff Sloane

Reflections” Ade Crouch’s masterpiece is complete! 

Roli says, “The Seaboard re-imagines the piano keyboard as a smooth continuous, touch-responsive surface where any kind of sound is possible, I have to disagree. 
Without the skill determination and musical gift that Ade Crouch brings to this versatile “Instrument” it would just be another mod, an add on, a fad. 
To write all parts, then make them fit together as a master marqueter fits each piece of timber together seamlessly, Mr Crouch has achieved what most of us can only dream of. An ascendance if you will. 
“Yeah, I bought a new Gibson and play along to Joe Bonamassa, well until it got it a bit tricky” 
The perseverance and tenacity of this musician is outstanding and highly notable. 
How many of us lay back with the cans on imagining playing Jimmy’s solo on Stairway, or Segovia playing at Barcelona’s Palau, well my hand is up for both of those. 
Ade Mastered the Seaboard Rise 49 by fortitude, awe inspiring determination and passion. 
Each part of Reflections takes us on a journey, a peaceful journey that one can taste, feel, touch, the subtle chord changes and haunting background sounds are simply yet complexly beautiful. 
Most music lovers say they have an eclectic mix of musical tastes, this “de rigueur” attitude is untrue, we lean towards what makes us feel inside. 
Reflections has it all, my late father who composed many pieces of music for the piano said (I am paraphrasing here) “a good piece of music, like an enjoyable book or film, should have a beginning a middle and an end” something most musicians just do not seem to be able to bring to the table. 
Ade is the exception to this rule, he has produced an oeuvre that anyone who relishes original work can be thankful for. 
I am gratified by this musician’s efforts, to that end, I raise my glass and say……… 
The applause is all yours sir.

Mike Armstrong Jones


Melas Dreams

I, too, can vouch for Ade Crouch's musical genius... also comparing his compositions to those of Terry Riley and Tangerine Dream, among others. Wonderful, heady stuff - inspirational...

Hilary Jane Von Waldenfels


Ade, You have truly created/composed a peaceful and beautiful collection of music to inspire peace and inspiration. I am incredibly grateful to you for sharing your talents and heart. 
Hugs from Texas!

Kari Lee


It is not a 'reflection' (see what I did there?) on the album, but it is lovely to fall asleep to. With working nights and trying to sleep in the day, it really helps me to switch off.

Chris Brooke


Listening to Reflections by 
Ade Crouch, very relaxing and just perfect ,if you haven’t listened to it it’s a must !!

Louise Crozier

Reflections Pt 3

Latest segment of the 6 reflections series, flows beautifully and seamlessly from parts 1 & 2. 
Again the melodic ambient mood chaser offers the listener a calming, almost swooning, inscrutable and enchanting potpourri of soundscapes, to submerge us into a dreamy insight into the outstanding intellectual workaholics mind. (we should be so lucky) ? 
Put the cans on, dim the lights, turn the volume up, lay back and indulge………..

Dr Armstrong- Jones

Reflections Part 2

Ade Crouch latest piece Reflections Pt 2, is a surprising departure from what we expect from this multi-talented musician, it is a polished, melodic and mysterious venture into tranquility, one cannot merely listen briefly and pass it off as another “Hippy prog based interlude” on the contrary, it draws you in like your favourite novel that you refuse to put down, or a passionate lingering kiss from a lover that you simply don’t want to end. More and more please. 
The extended chords interlaced with pan pipes and the saxophone seaboard section is a real treat. 
We appear to have an outstanding and creative force in Mr Crouch, one that we must nurture and imbibe in extremis. 

Mike Armstrong Jones